The best tool for evangelism
is the Bible.

"The Gospel of John"

There is power
when you share the Word of God.

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The Holy Spirit works
when the Bible is read.

When a person encounters the truth, the person will experience the light within the inner self and his/her sins will be revealed when he/she hears the Creator’s words. A wonderful change in his/her soul begins.


There is no verse numbers and we put subtitles on each chapter, so that people can read it smoothly like a normal book. Each chapter is divided so that readers can pace themselves.

Chinese and Korean versions
are also available

Other languages will be available as soon as we secure more funds.
(Any inquiries including donations and questions, contact

User Friendly

Unlike the existing Bible format, this booklet is edited into a regular book layout in order for the readers to not only read it easily, but also to capture the contents of the Bible at a glance through frequent paragraph breaks.

ok! BIBLE Editing Format

Unlike the Bible we use for worship, it is easy to carry
and you can write notes in the margins,
and by using easier English translation, you can read and understand the Bible better.

Endorsement from
Loren Cunningham

Why ok! BIBLE?

Non-Christians do not have the Bible that is common to us
Even those who criticize Christianity
often have an open mind about Jesus.
The problem is that they have never read the Bible.
You must help them read and understand the Gospel.

After they see the history of salvation like below,
then the book of John starts.